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In December 2008 the foundation sent a container from the UK into the rain forest.
This was a huge undertaking but despite the odds ended up deep in the interior for Christmas. The container had been loaded with medical equipment, cooking and bedding supplies, tools, toys, clothing and much more.
We are grateful for the support from Dominion Business Supplies Ltd, Spicers Ltd, Panamá Embassy McCormick UK Ltd and the Kent Messenger Newspaper Group who ran a very successful campaign of awareness of the plight of the indigenous people.

Over 300 desperate Indian families received gifts that Christmas giving both them and the foundation staff a Christmas to remember.
The picture to the left show the container being dragged through a clearing in the rain forest where no vehicles could go.
It is true to say that other charities who give to Panamá prefer not to target the Darién because of the logistical problems.
This is where the British American Foundation is at its very best!

British Are Coming
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