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The pictures to the left show a school in the Darién, all ages are taught in one class, alongside the children with learning difficulties, the level of education is poor to say the least, this arrangement is common in the Darién.

Some school parents do try to provide rice for school dinners as and when available, this is not the case in the remote regions as they are not in a position to afford it.

We aim to provide proper desks and chairs in a weatherproof building and a structured curriculum.

We can only anticipate the cost of this project as we will be starting at ground level. We would like to point out that the children are so very eager to learn.

Solar Powered Living
Solar panels are a great source of energy.
Darién School
Darién school is in need of your help.
Tree Planting
Helps put more oxygen back into the air.
Organic Bee Harvesting

The bee's honey is a great antibacteria.

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