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Light up the Darién

Imagine life without electricity! For the people of Darién it is a reality.
To be able to see in the dark for snakes and other deadly animals that are indigenous to this region will save many lives. It is a serious but all too common fate for these people to be attacked at night and often results in death. Most of the houses in Darién have no electricity.
Our project for this year is to provide lighting using solar panels as a cheap sustainable energy source. They are easy to install, have zero impact on the environment and provide storable life-saving light.

Electric light will also make it possible for children to study in the evenings integrating and supporting our education project in the region. Each house can benefit from a maximum of five 7 watt fluorescent bulbs running simultaneously for up to eight hours continuously. The solar powered cell is recharged on a daily basis by the sun. Each installation is guaranteed for many years. The cost for each house is £550 which is a huge challenge. Every success will contribute to saving lives and help children learn, in short, it will transform lives.

Solar Powered Living
Solar panels are a great source of energy.
Darién School
Darién school is in need of your help.
Tree Planting
Helps put more oxygen back into the air.
Organic Bee Harvesting

The bee's honey is a great antibacteria.

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